Balloon in a Box FAQs


Our balloons are made from a unique plastic material, instead of latex, which is more common in balloons. This provides you with a longer lasting and more durable balloon gift.

If you would like to order your balloon for the weekend, we recommend a Friday delivery and if kept in a cool place inside our custom balloon box, it should last over the weekend and look beautiful when opened on either Saturday or Sunday. See care instructions below.

 If you require your Balloon in a Box product for the morning, we recommend ordering this to be delivered the day before, as the balloon will last a couple of days, and still look great when opened the following day.

Once inflated with helium, the balloon expands to approx. 50cm and takes on an impressive bubble or beach ball-like appearance, enabling you to see the confetti inside.


All helium inflated balloons are heat sensitive. They expand and contract depending on the temperature in the room. These should be kept in a cool place, out of direct heat or sunlight, hot cars and hot storage rooms. Keep them away from sharp objects.

If the gift is being ordered in advance, we recommend keeping it inside our custom made balloon box as well. 



  • We deliver on weekdays, Monday to Friday only. 
  • Order at least 1 day before your required delivery date. We don't currently offer same-day delivery.
  • Delivery across Sydney locations only for our Balloon in a Box products.
  • We cannot guarantee an exact time of day for delivery. Delivery times can vary based on location and traffic conditions on the day. Deliveries to business addresses will be made before 5pm.
  • We work closely with our courier service to ensure deliveries are made as quickly as possible. In the unlikely event of an unexpected delay, our team will get in contact with you right away.
  • If the recipient is not there when the parcel arrives, your parcel will be left in a safe place at the front door or at reception.
  • If the delivery address provided is incorrect and your order has already been dispatched, we can arrange re-delivery for the next business day and you will be charged a $25.00 re-direction fee.

Delivery costs are calculated by postcode within Sydney metro area.

You can find a list of delivery locations here. As we grow we'll be adding to our delivery areas, so keep an eye out for updates on our website.

If you have any questions about delivery to your area or a location that is not on our delivery list, please send us an email at hello@partypalette.com.au and we will try to assist you with your request.



We use a premium door-to-door courier service for our deliveries. Our courier service takes great care in getting your Balloon in a Box gift into the hands of the recipient. We endeavour to get your gift delivered as quickly as possible, however we cannot schedule or guarantee an exact time for the delivery.

We will deliver your Balloon in a Box gift to the address nominated on your order.

Please ensure you provide us with the recipient's name, company name or hospital name, delivery address (please ensure this is correct) and contact phone number. This will ensure the gift is sent to the correct person in the quickest possible time. 

Gifts to offices, large companies, hospitals or schools will be left at reception if the recipient is unable to collect it themselves. Gifts will be left at the front door for residential addresses if no one is home.

If the recipient is not in when the balloon gift is delivered and our courier service cannot safely leave the parcel, we will contact you regarding a re-delivery time.  

PLEASE NOTE: In the event that the delivery address is incorrect or the recipient is not at the address provided, a re-direction fee of $25.00 will be charged.



Please take a look at our gift section. You can choose a range of chocolates, champagne and notebooks, which you can add to your balloon gift. 

We will be continuing to add to this range, so keep an eye out for updates on Facebook, Instagram or via our website.



We inflate our balloons in the morning on the day of delivery.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your balloon delivery, please contact us at least 24hours before your booked delivery date.

 We are unable to issue a refund once the balloon has been inflated and/or despatched.


All possible care is taken to ensure your balloon gift arrives safely at its destination.

In the unlikely event that your balloon arrives damaged, please contact us immediately via email with a photo and we will arrange for a replacement as soon as possible. Email: hello@partypalette.com.au



For any other questions or enquiries, please contact us at hello@partypalette.com.au