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5 ways to host an eco-friendly kids party

Hosting a party that doesn’t include plastic partyware or decorations doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the style, theme or quality of your party.

By making these small changes, it is even easier to host an eco-friendly party than you think!

  1. Ditch the plastic for more sustainable alternatives such as bamboo or paper party plates and cups.

    Bamboo is both biodegradable and compostable, resulting in less landfill and less pollution. An added benefit of bamboo is that it is a more durable food catering option compared to paper products. The look of bamboo is classic and stylish with its natural wooden colour, and would work with any theme. The benefit of paper for kids parties is that is does come in a huge range of colours and designs to match your colour palette, which can also help bring your theme to life.

  2. Hire reusable partyware.

    The is an extremely friendly party alternative as it significantly reducing wastage and partyware and decorations ending up into landfill. More and more we are seeing hosts choose to hire items for their parties as it saves time in shopping for individual items, you have everything delivered to your door ready to set-up, you don’t have any wastage and all the pieces are returned back to the suppliers so you don’t have to store anything after the party and often they do all the washing up too. Win!

  3. Decorate using paper decorations, fabric bunting, florals and fruit.